Side by Side at VIFF

Directed by Christopher Kenneally and featuring Keanu Reeves as the host/interviewer, Side by Side is a documentary which examines the departure from 35 mm film and the arrival of digital filmmaking in the 21st century. A must see for film enthusiasts, this documentary is informative and has a flair of sentiment for those lucky enough to have worked with film. Interviews with filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, George Lucas, and David Lynch drive the interesting and sometimes varying opinions of film versus the digital age. The film is knowledgeable and pays an excellent omage to film, and definitely included the nostalgic bursts for filmmakers who have had the privilege to work with both mediums. It’s also an exciting opportunity to get insight from industry professionals as they talk about their passions. A recommendation for any film enthusiast.

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