Reflections: Art for an Oil-Free Coast at VIFF

Sometimes with film festivals, the best films are always the least expected, that surprise the audience with awe. Making its world wide premiere, Reflections: Art for an Oil-Free Coast was exactly one of those films. Directed by Tofino resident, Cameron Dennison, the 22 minute documentary is tranquil and stunning. In an expedition organized by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, 50 artists grouped together to help protest the Northern Gateway Expansion through BC’s coastline by creating art in various mediums. Through interviews, art, and a visual tour of the coast, the film serves as a reminder on how we need to protect our coast. The beauty of the mountains and lakes speaks for themselves, and the art created by the artists had the audience in sheer amazement. Keep an eye out for the official Vancouver opening for the art made by the 50 artists who participated in the project sometime in November. The doc will screen two more times during the festival so don’t miss it. This is a must see at VIFF.

photo courtesy of VIFF


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