Projecting Change Film Festival

Watch, engage, act.

Vancouver’s Projecting Change Film Festival is forum for film and dialogue about social and environmental issues. Our marquee four-day event features inspiring, eye-opening, and often award-winning films from around the globe, each followed by a dynamic speaker and panel discussion.  The unique festival format is a platform for audience engagement, with all proceeds donated back to local initiatives.

Founded in 2007 by Brady Dahmer and Lindsay Nahmiache, the festival has proven popular amongst a truly diverse group of innovation-minded people. Co-founder Brady Dahmer attributes this to the festival focus “PCFF is about positive change. Come to our festival hungry for knowledge and we promise you will leave with a head full of inspiration.”  Inspiration no doubt in part due to the participation of such luminaries as Dr. David Suzuki, Captain Paul Watson and Mayor Gregor Robertson – all former festival speakers.

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