Navigating the Legal Landscape of Documentary Film Production

After months or years of research and development, interviews with potential subjects, meetings with broadcasters, contracts negotiated and renegotiated, you’re finally ready to get down to the creative and just make the film you’ve been dreaming about. But it’s never that simple…

DOC BC presents a must-attend workshop for all filmmakers, emerging and established, that explores the complex and ever-changing legal landscape of producing documentary content.

From the potential pitfalls of navigating difficult or ethically complex content to negotiating or obtaining music and archival material rights and using other people’s intellectual property, through the logistics of liability and E&O insurance, each step of documentary filmmaking requires close attention to detail. With the growing presence of New Media and the drive to cater to the ‘cross-platform’ markets plus the differences in requirements from foreign markets the process can be overwhelming, exhausting and confusing. But turning a blind-eye or missing an important step or document can cause huge problems.

Using questions from audience members as a springboard, our panel, consisting of legal experts and an E&O insurance broker, will guide through the common and complex questions and issues documentary filmmakers have had to and will have to consider.

Participants can bring clips **(1 minute max) from projects they are working on to help facilitate discussion.

Panelists: from DOC sponsor Legal Firm “Roberts & Stahl”: DORAN CHANDLER – Doran’s practice focuses on providing legal services for the entertainment industry, including services in relation to film and television financing, intellectual property issues, production services and music.

LORI MASSINI – Lori’s practice focuses on the entertainment industry, assisting clients with all aspects of entertainment law from drafting agreements and negotiating the hiring of actors, writers, and directors to advising musicians and recording artists.

from DOC sponsor “Brahm Martz & Co” BRAHM MARTZ – Brahm enjoys providing legal services to film and television producers throughout the process, including partnership and coproduction issues, development, financing, production and distribution.

from DOC sponsor “Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc.”: DAVID HAMILTON – David has years of experience in preparing insurance policy for film and TV project. He specializes in insurance solutions – Production Insurance and E&O Insurance – that meet the needs of both filmmakers and broadcasters.

**If you are bringing clips, please have them on DVD and clearly marked and easy to access. Also, please e-mail Julia Ivanova at several days before the workshop, so she can schedule the order of questions/clips and know how much material we need to get through.

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