Professional Development:
Making an Investigative Documentary

The inside scoop with Peter Klein: Have you got a fantastic idea for an investigative documentary, but can’t quite figure out where to start & who to talk to?

On October 26th, 2010, DOC BC will present a workshop with Peter Klein. Peter is an Emmy Award winning journalist and filmmaker and is creating an International Reporting Centre at UBC.

This interactive workshop will explore what investigative journalism in documentaries is and why is it important.

Starting at the beginning and looking at how one starts to research a project/subject/person of interest and then moves on to compile ideas, narrow down a focus and start to streamline a structure, write a script or proposal based on findings and, ultimately, deliver a compelling project with sound investigation and solid research.

Peter will provide insight into his own experiences based on projects he has worked on and will share tales from his own fieldwork. He will give tips on how to approach difficult subjects or subject matter and share thoughts on various methods of research.

Investigative journalism can be fraught with roadblocks and obstacles, Peter will talk about troubleshooting, pushing through conflict and making inroads in tricky territory.

Finally, he will discuss his current initiative: building an International Reporting Center that will focus on creating investigative projects, mostly documentary and multimedia, on global issues. Housed in Vancouver, this center will be a crucial resource for any person interested in pursuing investigative media work.

Participants will be invited to ask questions about Peter’s work or seek advice about their own projects.

If you are interested in investigative journalism, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Peter W. Klein is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and filmmaker. He has reported from around the globe for CBS News 60 Minutes, writes for US publications and oversees independent productions out of his studio in Vancouver. He is also host of the national Canadian program The Standard. You can find out more about Peter at his website