June DOC BC, Cineworks & WIFTV Film Showcase


Location: Cineworks Studio at 1131 Howe Street (entry in back alley). Time and Date: Wednesday, June 24 at 7:00 PM
Entry: $5 at the door. WIFTV, DOC BC, Cineworks members only.

A collaboration between WIFTV, Cineworks and DOC BC, the Film and Media Showcase is a monthly member screening featuring works by members of the three organizations. Taking place in Cineworks Studio at 1131 Howe Street, the showcase will be held on the last Wednesday evening of each month from 7-10pm. Each screening will include works by members of each organization followed by a question and answer session with the creators, and time for networking. We had a near full house last time, and a great, extensive Q&A with the filmmakers!

Beyond Boxes (short documentary) by DOC BC memer Sonia Suvagau

Beyond Boxes explores body movement in Henry Daniel’s ‘Imprint II’, an interactive dance piece combining boxes, modern technology and movement. The documentary investigates Henry’s choreographic vision, style and process and the effect it has on his dancers.

PARKED (short documentary) 
by WIFTV member Silvaine Zimmermann

Peter is one of many homeless men who have been waiting for years for housing in Vancouver. Health and security issues are among the reasons they avoid the DTES and ‘choose’ to live in Stanley Park instead.

Cat Swallows Parakeet and Speaks!
 (76 min) by Cineworks member Ileana Pietrobruno

Cat Swallows Parakeet And Speaks! puts the Arabian Nights saga through a surreal feminist revision. In the classic tale, a mythical character must tell stories to survive a man who is trying to murder her and all other women. In this version, Scheherazade is a strikingly beautiful model recovering in the hospital after an ulcer operation. She becomes increasingly convinced that her inept doctor, aptly named Dr. Storey, is trying to kill her and the only way to survive is to tell him stories. Yet she is at a loss for words. As Scheherazade’s stay is prolonged, she grows desperate for tales and seeks the help of Kore, a trashy, tabloid-reading fellow patient. Initially irritated by Kore’s willingness to believe whatever the rags print, Scheherazade gets drawn in by her need for a few good yarns. Slowly the two women grow closer, telling the preposterous tales from the tabloids in an effort to escape Dr. Storey. Meanwhile, the hospital around them is turned inside-out by the very characters whose stories they have been relating.

Ileana Pietrobruno is an independent Canadian filmmaker who has written, directed, edited and produced several short films and the following features: the erotic drama Girlfriend Experience, the pirate adventure Girl King, and the surreal Cat Swallows Parakeet and Speaks! Pietrobruno’s films have won awards and screened at festivals such as the Berlin and Toronto International Film Festivals.

DOC BC is accepting submissions for the monthly showcase on an ongoing basis, for details about submissions please click here.

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