I Am Not A Rockstar at VIFF

The documentary title explains it all. Filmmaker Bobby Jo Krals takes us on a journey as we get to know prodigal pianist, Marika Bournaki from the ages of 12 through to her early 20’s. Born in Montreal, Bournaki’s parents were always supportive of her desire to either become a ballet dancer, or a violinist. But, she chose the piano, or maybe the piano chose her? A very apparent gifted pianist from a young age, the film takes us through the many adventures of Bournaki as she plays recitals, concerts, and gradually as she is accepted into Juliard and her move to New York City. Gifted as Bournaki is, the film touches on everyone individual’s quest for perfection as an artist. Bournaki pushes herself intensely, and frets over supposed “missed notes” and bad practices. This provides those human moments that the audience can relate to. A film about the progression of an artist, complimented with great piano performances throughout.

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