Garden in the Sea at VIFF

Visually stunning films are always a treat. Garden in the Sea is Thomas Riedelsheimer’s latest film, which documents a 4 year journey between Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias and Riedelsheimer as they combine efforts to introduce art into the Sea of Cortez at Candelor Bay in Baja, California. Iglesias firmly believed that by installing a monumental sculpture on the ocean bed, it would help bring harmony and interconnectedness to the ocean life. The 4 piece sculpture weighed in close to 7 tonnes and was embedded into the ocean 4 years after the inception date of the idea. Beautifully shot, Riedelsheimer and Iglesias bring the underwater world to life, and reminds us all of how delicate nature is, and how beautiful our blue waters really are.

Image Courtesy of VIFF

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