Fair Dealing Roadshow: Vancouver

Fair Dealing Roadshow

THE FAIR DEALING ROADSHOW: a workshop for creators trying to navigate the turbulent waters of copyright and “fair dealing” policies.

1) The term Fair Dealing refers to a little known exclusion to the Copyright Act. Fair Dealing allows for free use of otherwise copyrighted material under certain conditions.

2) For example, some visual archives in a documentary with clear critical purposes could possibly invoke the Fair Dealing exclusion and be exempt from obtaining clearances. The FAIR DEALING ROADSHOW is a comprehensive effort to educate the documentary/filmmaking community, foster dialogue, and identify common positions or points of contention around the issue of Fair Dealing and filmmaking.

3) Download DOC’s Guide to Documentary and Fair Dealing to learn more.

Film & Media makers, lawyers, visual researchers, insurance brokers and broadcasters are invited to take part in the conversation.

WHERE: VIVO Media Arts, 1965 Main Street, Vancouver
WHEN: March 2 2011, 7pm-10pm
THE PANEL: Paula Sawadsky: Visual researcher, Found Images Research
Michael McNamara: Gemini winning filmmaker, Markham Street Films
Matthew Davies: Senior Underwriting Specialist, Chubb Insurance
Doran Chandler: Entertainment Lawyer, Roberts & Stahl

MODERATOR: Lisa Fitzgibbons: Executive Director, Documentary Organization of Canada
ADMISSION: non-members $15 at the door
members free
(not sure if you’re a member? email us at docbc@docbc.org)

Paula Sawadsky has been working in the British Columbia film industry since 1996 and has distinguished herself as the leading archival footage and clearance researcher in western Canada. Her company, Found Images Research, is a team of researchers who each bring unique skills and areas of specialty to the enterprise. Found Images Research has forged enduring connections throughout the worldwide image research and archive community. Paula and her team have been the principal archival researchers on hundreds of documentary television programs, series, and feature films, including “The Corporation,” “Ice Pilots NWT,” and the soon-to-be released documentary “I Am” by Shady Acres Entertainment.

Born in Chicago and raised in the US, England and Windsor, Canada, Michael McNamara presently lives in Toronto where he works as a filmmaker, screenwriter and director. In February 2002, he launched Markham Street Films with his partner Judy Holm, specializing in projects that are edgy, smart, provocative and funny. McNamara received a 2004 Gemini nomination for writing Radio Revolution – The Rise and Fall of The Big 8 (History Television Canada), which he also directed and narrated. The film, about legendary Windsor radio station CKLW, went on to win the 2004 Best History Program Gemini. His series of positive body image documentaries Flatly Stacked, Stacked Like Me and Penis Dementia: The Search for the Perfect Penis has been seen in over 40 countries. He wrote and directed Driven by Vision, a 17-part series on visionary outsider artists and won a Gemini for Best Direction in a Documentary Series. His feature documentary, 100 Films & A Funeral, about the rise and fall of PolyGram Films, won a Gemini for editing and is being distributed internationally by MGM Pictures.

A native of Vancouver BC, Matthew Davies is a Senior Underwriting Specialist with Chubb Insurance Company of Canada and the national product manager responsible for Professional and Media Liability Insurance. He is responsible for creating market strategy, risk selection, profitability, underwriting integrity and client relationships in Professional and Media Liability, including Employed Lawyers Liability Insurance. Mathew was appointed a Senior Underwriting Specialist for E&O in the fall of 2007 and at that time he was one of only five people worldwide in Chubb to hold that designation. Mathew is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and has a Master of Arts degree from McGill University in History. He was designated by the Insurance Institute of Canada as a Fellow, Chartered Insurance Professional in 2000. In addition to his work in the insurance industry, he serves with the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve as a Logistician, with the rank of Commander. Matthew’s current appointment is Commanding Officer of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship YORK, Toronto’s Naval Reserve Division, where he leads a Ship’s Company of 250 Reserve and Regular Force members.

Doran Chandler‘s practice focuses on providing legal services for the entertainment industry, including services in relation to film and television financing, intellectual property issues, production services and music. After his previous career as a musician, touring North America with a folk-rock band, Mr. Chandler settled in Vancouver to pursue his legal career.

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