DOC TALK February: Marketing & Publicity for Documentary

Your brilliant, heart-wrenching, funny, unique, amazing documentary, 6 years in the making, is finally finished. You’ve secured your broadcaster, finished your website and been accepted into several film festivals…but your work has only just begun…now you need people to see it!

Frequently documentary filmmakers lack the know-how or the budget to market their films properly and, as a result, great films are left sitting on a shelf, not seen and not heard of.

DOC BC’s new workshop gives you access to some of Vancouver’s top media arts publicity & marketing minds including Georgia Straight film writer Ken Eisner, freelance media publicist Rebecca Coleman, Vancouver Sun columnist Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun entertainment editor Maggie Langrick, and communications expert Lindsay Nahmaiche of Jive Entertainment.

We will explore what it means to market a documentary, why it is important and how to do it. We will look at where publicity fits into your budget, when you should start to work on your press releases, where to send them and when and how to hire a good publicist, or if you’re better to do it on your own. We will look at what it means to get the press behind your film and how to bestuse them when you do have their attention.

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just embarking on your first project, this is an event that could change how you promote yourself and your work moving forward.

Date:  Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Place: The Railway Club – 579 Dunsmuir St.

Time:  6:30pm workshop followed by drinks

Cost:   $15/non-members (members FREE)

DOC TALK, a series of relevant, engaging and informative discussions, presented monthly by DOC BC.

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