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DOC and Indiegogo expand financing options for Canadian doc makers with new partnership

The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) and Indiegogo are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership that will allow independent Canadian documentary makers to save money when embarking on crowdfunding campaigns for their projects.

This partnership comes at a time in the industry when doc makers are increasingly turning to alternate funding routes, such as crowdfunding, to finance their projects.

DOC is delighted to be able to deliver this service exclusively to its members while increasing its capability of serving the documentary community in Canada. Through DOC and Indiegogo’s partnership, documentary makers will save 25% on the crowdfunding platform’s administration fees by launching via DOC’s Partner Page.

As revealed in DOC’s recently published research paper, Growing the Pie – Alternative Financing and Canadian Documentary, crowdfunding has gained great traction with documentarians; in fact, a growing number are turning toward crowdfunding as part of their project financing strategy. Beyond acting as a funding mechanism outside of the traditional model, crowdfunding also allows filmmakers to build and engage with their audience right from the moment of a project’s inception.

From emerging filmmakers to veteran producers, a look at DOC’s Partner Page on the Indiegogo site shows how much DOC members have already embraced this innovative crowdfunding service.

Past Indiegogo-funded films include titles by DOC members such as Liz Marshall’s multi-award winningGhosts in Our Machine, and Velcrow Ripper’s community-driven Occupy Love. Currently, David Vaisbord’s Little Mountain Film is one of the live campaigns along with Andrew Nisker’s Dark Side of the Chew. These projects will soon be joined by Elisa Paloshi’s campaign to finance post-production forDriving with Selvi and Galen Brown’s completion funding campaign for The Forgotten Salmon.

“We’re really excited for this partnership with DOC. We believe in driving filmmakers to do good work in their communities and we want to support Canadian filmmakers’ efforts in a climate where broadcasting partnerships and government grant money is in short supply and high demand,” says Ayah Norris, a successful crowdfunding filmmaker and Indiegogo’s Marketing and Community Manager in Canada. “For over six years, filmmakers from across Canada have come to Indiegogo to raise awareness, build community, and engage audiences for an inspiring array of stories. We look forward to working closely with DOC members to bring more audience-driven films to the world.”

“Crowdfunding is the new kid on the financing block!”, says Lisa Fitzgibbons, Executive Director of DOC. “Filmmakers value the opportunity to be in direct contact with their audiences at every stage of production. The audience that comes to a project via a crowdfunding campaign can be an invaluable creative collaborator to the project and that interaction can be immensely gratifying to a filmmaker. These days, the dialogue with the audience starts at the very beginning of a project, not just once it is done!”

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