DOC Members at Hot Docs and DOXA

Huge congratulations to all the DOC Members who are screening their films at this year’s Hot Docs in Toronto and DOXA in Vancouver! We are lucky to be a part of such a talented and supportive community. Don’t fogert to go check out some of your fellow members’ films!


Mark Achbar
Fractured Land (executive producer)

Fractured Land

Mila Aung-Thwin
Deprogrammed / Chameleon (executive producer)

Jocelyne Chaput
Fractured Land (editor)

Katerina Cizek

Daniel Conrad
Fractured Land (executive producer)

Isabelle Couture

Suzanne Crocker
All The Time In The World (director/producer/cinemtographer)
Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World

Daniel Cross

Deprogrammed / Chameleon (executive producer)

Janice Dawe
Sugar Coated (producer)

Kevin Eastwood 

Charlotte Engel
Fractured Land (executive producer)

Gordon Henderson
Mom and Me (executive producer)

Michèle Hozer
Sugar Coated (director/producer/editor)

Joanne Jackson 
The Messenger (producer)

Carole Laganière

The Messenger

Carole Larsen
The Messenger (editor)

Anita Lee
Highrise: Universe Within, Live (executive producer)

Jason Milligan
The Messenger (sound)

Andrew Moir
The Messenger (production coordinator)

Bob Moore
Deprogrammed / Chameleon (producer)

Eamonn O’Connor
The Messenger (editor)

David Oppenheim 

HIGHRISE: Universe Within

Deborah Parks 
Lowdown Tracks (producer/ cinematographer)

Daniel Pellerin
Milk (sound)

Rama Rau

Fiona Rayher
Fractured Land (director/producer/writer)

Daniel Roher
Survivors Rowe (director)

Su Rynard
The Messenger (director/producer/writer)


Peter Sawade

Shelley Saywell
Lowdown Tracks (director/ producer/writer)

Valerie Shamash
Deprogrammed / Chameleon (line producer)

Ann Shin
My Enemy, My Brother (director/ producer)

Michael Souther
Being Canadian (executive producer)

Bill Spahic

Sarah Spring
Nuestro Monte Luna (producer)

Hadwin’s Judgement

Stephanie Weimar

Noemi Weis
Milk (director, executive producer, writer)

Charles Wilkinson
Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World (director/ producer/editor /cinematographer/ composer)

Elizabeth Yake



Sugar Coated

Cliff Caines, A Rock and a Hard Place  (director)

Sandra Ignagni, Sniff! The Art of Air Tasting (director)

Patricio Henríquez, Uyghurs: Prisoners of the Absurd (director)

Michèle Hozer, Sugar Coated (director)

Janice Dawe, Sugar Coated (producer)

Victoria LeanAfter the Last River (director)

Milena SalazarMars Barb (director) 

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