DOC BC Members at Hot Docs 2014

Hot Docs has announced their full festival lineup and we were delighted to see some DOC BC names among the list of finalists. 

Congratulations to the following DOC BC Members on your amazing accomplishment!

The Backward Class
DOC BC Member:  Madeleine Grant, Dir/Prod/Writer
| 2014 | 91 min | World Premiere
Intent on breaking out of the cycle of poverty, the Dalit students of Shanti Bhavan school in India prepare to make history by becoming the first from their “untouchable” caste to take high-school graduation exams.

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
DOC BC Member: Melanie Wood, Exec Producer
Director: Grant Baldwin | 2014 | 75 min | World Premiere
If our culture is so food obsessed, why do we toss away nearly 50 per cent of it? Two filmmakers quit
grocery shopping, surviving on discarded food as they explore consumable waste from farm to fridge.

Love Translated
DOC BC Member: Julia Ivanova
84 min | 2010 | Toronto Premiere
Reserving judgment and providing rare insight into modern-day matchmaking, Julia Ivanova follows 10 men with different backgrounds and intentions as they embark on a 10-day tour of Ukraine, mixing sightseeing and social events geared to meeting single, young Ukrainian women.

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