DOC BC MASTERCLASS – The Hydra Headed Beast of Impact Producing with Katherine Dodds

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At this moment in time Impact producing in Canada and Impact producing in the US are quite different. Filmmakers in the US have far more opportunities than Canadians in the development and funding of Impact producing strategies, but opportunities exist for Canadian producers who can meet market demand for their impact films in communities south of the border and who can establish cross-border impact partners for their campaigns. We’ll examine how these strategies are progressing documentary distribution and sustainability for filmmakers.

Presented by DOC BC, in partnership with TELUS STORYHIVE and Creative BC.


Hosted at InFocus Film School on Sunday, November 25, 2018.


Kat is an impact producer most known for her ongoing work with The Corporation, including directing a new digital media platform called Halo Tales and driving the impact campaign for the upcoming sequel. Alumni of Adbusters, where she directed a Calvin Klein ad parody, founder of Hello Cool World, Co-founder of Drawing Wisdom, she is a media maker, artist, writer, and thinker. All her work is dedicated to social and environmental justice, Indigenous solidarity, health promotion, and harm reduction. Her vision is to establish a model for impact distribution. She has a BA in Fine Arts from UVic, and an MA in Fine Arts & Cultural Studies from University of Leeds, UK, which she likes to describe as a mash-up of semiotics, cybernetics, and psychoanalysis. Most of all she wants the media to make a difference. A good one.