DOC BC Day at DOXA Documentary Film Festival

DOC BC and DOXA Documentary Film Festival are delighted to present:

DOC BC DAY at DOXA – May 7th, 2014

This is a day you don’t want to miss. DOC BC Day @DOXA is a day of informative and motivating panels for documentary filmmakers and enthusiasts followed by the DOXA filmmaker reception party at Vancouver’s Clough Club Cocktail Tavern. Panels: 2:30pm – 5:30pm Location: The Cinematheque – 1131 Howe Street FREE Party: 8:30pm – 11:30pm Location: Clough Club – 212 Abbott St Open to all DOC BC Members and DOXA Filmmakers

We’re thrilled to be celebrating DOC Members with films at DOXA. DOC BC Member:  Mathew lestyn Parry – Hives for Humanity: The Power of Bees Julia Common loves her bees and she is keen to share that love. In the summer of 2012 she placed one hive at a community garden in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. The community response was overwhelmingly positive, and one hive led to many, many more.

Former DOC BC Board Member:  Kevin Eastwood – Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH Life and death on a daily basis at Vancouver General Hospital’s emergency room is the raw material of a new documentary series from Knowledge Network. DOC Member: Helene Klodawsky – Come Worry With Us!
Artistic communities are often the place where political praxis is put to the test, and Come Worry With Us! is a poignant example of this fact. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra have been making protest folk, free jazz, and neo-classical music for over 15 years. Having intentionally opted out of the corporate music industry for the DIY alternative, their sound and political convictions are imbued with a punk rock ethos and aesthetic. DOC Members: Maya Gallus, Justine Pimlott – Derby Crazy Love 
A rollicking, rolling, punch-in-the-tits type of a film, Derby Crazy Love has just about everything you would expect from a film about roller derby. There are tough babes, hard-fought battles, horrifying wipeouts, more than a little epic drama, and even a little bit of sweet sentiment in amongst the bone-crushing checks. And in memory of DOC Member Peter Wintonick whose film Cinema Vérité: Defining the Moment will also be shown at DOXA. (Archival research by DOC Member Elizabeth Klinck)
The Panels include: 2:30 PM Investivative Documentary 4:00 PM Online and Off, Digital Culture and Documentary This is a chance for all DOXA filmmakers to come together for a chance to meet and be inspired by the collective creativity and determination that brought everyone to DOXA.  Don’t miss out! Get down to DOC BC Day @DOXA.

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