DOC BC and CINEWORKS present “Creativity in Modern Documentaries” with DOXA guest filmmakers

Sunday MAY 6th at 3:00pm
Suite 300, 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver
entrance is in the back lane

$10 non-members – $5 students with ID – DOC BC and CINEWORKS members free


Luca Ragazzi (Italy) – co-director of “Italy: Love It, or Leave It”
is a playful film on a serious subject (matter). The film effortlessly combines many forms of storytelling – documentary, animation, and narrative. Since September 2011, the trailer of the film has been viewed by 126 thousand people on youtube. It has won awards at Thessaloniki, Milan, Honolulu, Toulouse and has already played 35 film festivals all over the world.

“After their award winning, groundbreaking documentary ‘Suddenly, Last Winter’, Luca and Gustav are back. This time they have to decide: should they stay in Italy, or leave it, like so many of their friends have done already. Looking at some defining Italian icons, they go on a emotional trip on a old Fiat 500 through Italy, to look behind the cliches and to discover, what’s left of the famous Italian way of life, confronting a glorious past, a shaky present and an uncertain future.”

David Shields (USA) – author
of a number non-fiction and fiction books, including “Reality Hunger: A Manifesto” (2010) where he argues for the necessity of “reality-based art” and the obsolescence of traditional narrative. Much of Shields’s work enacts a critique of traditional categories within art and culture, such as the boundary between fiction and nonfiction; for instance, in Reality Hunger,  he argues for the abandonment of the traditional novelistic form because of its inadequacy in dealing with what he views as an increasingly fragmentary culture. David Shields is one of Guest Curators at DOXA 2012.

Benjamin Kahlmeyer (Germany) – director “Meanwhile in Mamelodi”, the film that cultivates the most unique and prized of human traits – the ability to hope. The film is set against the 2010 World Cup and shows the lives of an ordinary family in Pretoria who must hustle to get by. Though they are geographically close to the World Cup playoffs, they may as well be on another planet. Watch the trailer here.

“This beautifully crafted portrait of a place and a family features stunning cinematography and a lively score, as the Mtswenis’s day-to-day struggles and victories echo the promise of a new South Africa.”

“A gorgeously shot film, on a 5D DSLR, it’s filled with humanity in some terrible conditions, but living at its best.” – The Mind Reels

Benjamin Kahlmeyer is a first-time feature documentary director, who was born in 1982, first studied philosophy and literature, then went on to work at a number of production houses as a sound-mixer, production assistant and co-director, and later finished the Film Academy. Meanwhile in Mamelodi premiered at DOK Leipzig, was praised by audience both at San-Francisco International Film Festival and at HotDocs.

Join us for this wonderful opportunity to talk about modern means of storytelling!

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