The Invisible War at VIFF

Kirby Dick’s latest documentary The Invisible War goes deep with investigative reporting on rape in the US Military, and how most of the allegations go unreported and dismissed by officials of all ranks. The interviews with the rape victims both females and males gives the film an extremely daunting reality of the mistreatment of individuals in the military. The statistics are shocking, with twenty percent of women having reported being raped. Of this twenty percent, under ten percent of any of the perpetrators get sentenced to any type of crime. This is an eye opening documentary about the nobility of the women who decide to serve and protect their country, only to be brutally mistreated with what the military seems to term an occupational hazard of work. Watch this documentary and share the stories of the women in this film. Help raise awareness behind the hidden secrets in the US military.

Seeking Asian Female at VIFF

Seeking Asian Female is light hearted, real, and engaging. Steven is the object of the movie who is a two time divorcee at 60 years old and has become consumed with finding a mail order bride online for his third marriage. After a few years of searching for an import bride from Asia, he sets his eyes on Sandy, who arrives in San Fransico to be his wife. Through a journey like any couple would go through, they get to know one another, plan a wedding, and experience the challenges of every day life like all relationships. Director Debbie Lum manages to succeed with telling a story that is relatable on many levels and helps the audience realize that love, in whatever shape or form and wherever found, is universal. Highly recommended.

Garden in the Sea at VIFF

Visually stunning films are always a treat. Garden in the Sea is Thomas Riedelsheimer’s latest film, which documents a 4 year journey between Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias and Riedelsheimer as they combine efforts to introduce art into the Sea of Cortez at Candelor Bay in Baja, California. Iglesias firmly believed that by installing a monumental sculpture on the ocean bed, it would help bring harmony and interconnectedness to the ocean life. The 4 piece sculpture weighed in close to 7 tonnes and was embedded into the ocean 4 years after the inception date of the idea. Beautifully shot, Riedelsheimer and Iglesias bring the underwater world to life, and reminds us all of how delicate nature is, and how beautiful our blue waters really are.

Image Courtesy of VIFF

Reflections: Art for an Oil-Free Coast at VIFF

Sometimes with film festivals, the best films are always the least expected, that surprise the audience with awe. Making its world wide premiere, Reflections: Art for an Oil-Free Coast was exactly one of those films. Directed by Tofino resident, Cameron Dennison, the 22 minute documentary is tranquil and stunning. In an expedition organized by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, 50 artists grouped together to help protest the Northern Gateway Expansion through BC’s coastline by creating art in various mediums. Through interviews, art, and a visual tour of the coast, the film serves as a reminder on how we need to protect our coast. The beauty of the mountains and lakes speaks for themselves, and the art created by the artists had the audience in sheer amazement. Keep an eye out for the official Vancouver opening for the art made by the 50 artists who participated in the project sometime in November. The doc will screen two more times during the festival so don’t miss it. This is a must see at VIFF.

photo courtesy of VIFF


I Am Not A Rockstar at VIFF

The documentary title explains it all. Filmmaker Bobby Jo Krals takes us on a journey as we get to know prodigal pianist, Marika Bournaki from the ages of 12 through to her early 20’s. Born in Montreal, Bournaki’s parents were always supportive of her desire to either become a ballet dancer, or a violinist. But, she chose the piano, or maybe the piano chose her? A very apparent gifted pianist from a young age, the film takes us through the many adventures of Bournaki as she plays recitals, concerts, and gradually as she is accepted into Juliard and her move to New York City. Gifted as Bournaki is, the film touches on everyone individual’s quest for perfection as an artist. Bournaki pushes herself intensely, and frets over supposed “missed notes” and bad practices. This provides those human moments that the audience can relate to. A film about the progression of an artist, complimented with great piano performances throughout.

Side by Side at VIFF

Directed by Christopher Kenneally and featuring Keanu Reeves as the host/interviewer, Side by Side is a documentary which examines the departure from 35 mm film and the arrival of digital filmmaking in the 21st century. A must see for film enthusiasts, this documentary is informative and has a flair of sentiment for those lucky enough to have worked with film. Interviews with filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, George Lucas, and David Lynch drive the interesting and sometimes varying opinions of film versus the digital age. The film is knowledgeable and pays an excellent omage to film, and definitely included the nostalgic bursts for filmmakers who have had the privilege to work with both mediums. It’s also an exciting opportunity to get insight from industry professionals as they talk about their passions. A recommendation for any film enthusiast.

Know Your Copyright – Workshop

Friday, September 28th from 11 am – 1 pm
W2 Performance Space (141 West Hastings)

Changes to Canadian copyright laws have arrived, and during this lunch hour workshop, some of the key elements will be highlighted.

Thanks to Cineworks and W2 for oganizing this. For more information visit the Cineworks site here.

40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP by Dianne Whelan

40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP is a feature length documentary film that puts a knife through the heart of the Everest myth with stories of climbers being interwoven with the daily life at base camp. 40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP provides a modern take on the transformation of Everest from what was once a revered, sacred space to the mountain theme park it is sadly becoming.


Crowd Sourcing Your Doc, with SoKap's David Geertz

7pm – June 28th at Cineworks

back door 1131 Howe Street

Join us for a demo and Q & A style workshop with SoKap founder, David Geertz on how to prepare your film or creative project for a different kind of crowd-sourcing. 
SoKap is a Vancouver based, funding, marketing and distribution platform for creative producers and David will discuss the attributes and disruptive innovation that , SoKap has built for the filmmaking community. 
Presently in private beta, SoKap is set to launch worldwide soon. Filmmakers who've either worked or presently working with SoKap include Doc members Betsy Carson and Gary Marcuse on Waking the Green Tiger, and Magnolia Pictures with the release of Marley.

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non-members $10 – students $5 – members free