Julia Ivanova’s FAMILY PORTRAIT goes to Sundance

Congratulations to our very own board member Julia Ivanova: her latest, FAMILY PORTRAIT IN BLACK AND WHITE, will have its world premiere at the 2011 Sundance festival in Park City, Utah.

In a small Ukrainian town, Olga Nenya raises 16 black orphans amidst a population of Slavic blue-eyed blondes. Their stories expose the harsh realities of growing up as a bi-racial child in Eastern Europe.

DOC TALK December: Master Class with John Zaritsky

DOC TALK: A series of relevant, engaging and informative workshops & discussions, presented monthly by DOC BC

It is impossible to explain, outline, or even list John Zaritsky’s impressive filmmaking achievements in this small text box. We would need a notebook.

Some of the highlights of his extensive and illustrious career include winning more than 30 awards for his documentary films. This includes the Academy Award for Best Documentary for Just Another Missing Kid, a Cable Ace Award for Rapists: Can They be Stopped, an American Bar Association Golden Gavel Award for My Husband is Going to Kill Me, and a
Robert F. Kennedy Foundation Award for Born in Africa. In addition to the above, John has been nominated for three Emmy Awards and 15 Gemini Awards, and has won the latter seven times. His most recent film, Leave Them Laughing, screened at the 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival where it won the most popular Canadian documentary.

DOC BC is honoured to present this unique opportunity to spend an evening with Mr. Zaritsky. This is a night not to be missed!

Mr. Zaritsky will engage in stories and illustrations about his remarkable work, share tips and techniques about how he conducts interviews and structures his films & talk about documentary filmmaking in the industry as it exists today.

Please join us on December 8th, 2010 at 6:30pm for this exceptional master class. Admission is free for DOC BC members. Non-members’ admission $15 at the door. UPDATE: If you purchase your 2011 DOC BC membership at the workshop, admission is free.

For more information about John Zaritsky visit www.pointgreypictures.com

This Land

In March 2007, seven Canadian and Inuit rangers and documentary filmmaker Dianne Whelan set out to cover more than 2000 km of the harshest terrain on the planet. They confront blizzards, labyrinths of crushed sea ice and near-impassable glaciers, with temperatures hovering around -50°C, to raise a flag on the northernmost tip of Canadian soil. With a mesmerizing soundtrack by Nunavut-born singer and narrator Tanya Tagaq and spectacular footage of the Arctic landscape, Dianne Whelan’s documentary captures the epic adventure with raw immediacy.

THIS LAND, an NFB production, won best LEO for Best SHORT DOC and best OVERALL SOUND. http://www.diannewhelan.com

Marriage Fraud: The Price of Heartache

Looking for love in a foreign land, many single Canadians, including three subjects of this documentary, put it all on the line to find a partner for life. The stakes are high, because what seems like love could actually be marriage fraud. From Lainie’s day in court to Stephanie’s struggle with converting to Islam to Roxanne’s joyful welcoming of her new husband home, each woman has to struggle with the question of her spouse’s honesty — is he coming to Canada for love, or for residency status? Marriage fraud is a more common occurrence in Canada than we might think, due to our immigration laws and the Canadian government’s failure to enforce them. Canadians who shockingly discover they are being maliciously used by the individuals who claimed to love them can attest to the difficulty of forcing the government to investigate their cases. The final humiliation is the perpetrators are allowed to remain in Canada while the victims suffer through financial and emotional hardship. In the end the question remains, will the Canadian government do something to ease the victims’ pain? What is the right thing to do?

No Fun City

No Fun City is a film about the underground music scene in Vancouver and its ongoing struggle in a city that seems hell-bent on shutting down all the fun. Witnessing the ups and downs of life behind the scenes, we watch as venues are closed, parties are raided, and musicians resort to playing in illegal venues, warehouses, and even parking lots. No Fun City focuses on the lives of local promoters such as Wendy 13 from the Cobalt and Malice Liveit from the Sweatshop as they face police raids, evictions, deportation, million dollar lawsuits, and city hall in order to keep Vancouver’s underground music scene alive.


Under Our Skin

A gripping tale of microbes, medicine & money UNDER OUR SKIN exposes the hidden story of Lyme disease, one of the most serious and controversial epidemics of our time. Each year, thousands go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, often told that their symptoms are all in their head. Following the stories of patients and physicians fighting for their lives and livelihoods, the film brings into focus a haunting picture of the health care system and a medical establishment all too willing to put profits ahead of patients.