40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP by Dianne Whelan

40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP is a feature length documentary film that puts a knife through the heart of the Everest myth with stories of climbers being interwoven with the daily life at base camp. 40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP provides a modern take on the transformation of Everest from what was once a revered, sacred space to the mountain theme park it is sadly becoming.

2 thoughts on “40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP by Dianne Whelan”

  1. How can I view 40 Days at Base Camp? Thanks for the information. I have a ticket to hear Dianne Whelan at the Sechelt Writers’ Festival and then couldn’t attend because of having to get back to Vancouver. The person who took my ticket gave a very enthusiastic report of Dianne’s session. gail

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